Is Third-Party Happiness Worthy Of An Invite?

Someone (or some people) swung by the party store in Novi, Michigan a few days ago with more than a Pepsi and peanuts in mind. That’s where the winning ticket for the Mega Millions billion dollar jackpot was purportedly sold on Saturday the 23rd of January to a pool of…

And My Plea of Self-Defense

Will The Defendant Please Rise?

How to get away with murder? I don’t know. I never cared to know. I can’t say that it ever made my bucket list of things to do or be when I grew up. I always knew my role where things of that make were concerned. If we’re keeping track…

Lee Mont

A Fellow Who One Day Just May Be A Great Writer. But The Passage Of Time Always Tells The Best Story, For A Closed Mouth Doesn’t Get Read.

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